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Barometer Comparison Self-check Service for vessels in Hong Kong

Barometer Comparison Self-check Service for vessels in Hong Kong

All fields are mandatory. If you have any enquiry, please contact the Port Meteorological Officer by phone during office hours (Phone No.: 2926 3113) or email (Email Address:

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Ship Information

° N (in Decimal Degrees) (e.g 22.2° to 22.5°)
° E (in Decimal Degrees) (e.g 113.9° to 114.5°)

Barometer Information

℃ (in 0.1 ℃ unit)
(in UTC)

Barometer Location Barometer Height above mean sea level Barometer Reading*
In ballast At present At full load
 m  m  m  hPa
 m  m  m  hPa
 m  m  m  hPa
 m  m  m  hPa
 m  m  m  hPa

*Without correction to mean sea level pressure or for instrumental error

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The completed form will be sent to Hong Kong Observatory via Email for record.

General Guide for taking the barometer reading:

1. The window or door of the house should be keep open while measuring outboard air pressure.

2. Avoid strong winds always.

3. Read the barometer at the EXACT HOUR.

Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Notification

The personal data provided by means of the form will be used for the barometer comparison self-check service for vessels in Hong Kong and future correspondence in connection with the services. You have the right to request access to and to correct personal data in accordance with section 18, 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.