Since 2000, the Typhoon Committee has been adopting a list of tropical cyclone names with local characteristics nominated by its 14 Members – including 10 names provided by Hong Kong, China – to designate tropical cyclones in the western North Pacific and the South China Sea.

When a tropical cyclone which incurred heavy casualties and economic losses is requested to be retired by the Typhoon Committee, the Member who provided the name will propose replacement names to the Typhoon Committee for consideration.

The Hong Kong Observatory organized the “Tropical Cyclone Name Collection Activity” in 2023 with a view to identify additional suitable names with Hong Kong characteristics to expand our “reserve list” of tropical cyclone names. Opportunity is also taken to raise public awareness and knowledge of hazards caused by tropical cyclones.

After consolidation and initial assessment of the suggested names collected from the public at the first stage of the activity, there were 40 shortlisted names for online public voting at the second stage.

Thank you for your support. Impressive response with over 20,000 votes were received during the public voting stage. The following 20 tropical cyclone names with the highest number of votes will be incorporated into the “reserve list” of tropical cyclone names of Hong Kong, China. Winners will be notified via email regarding souvenir collection.

Name Meaning Votes
奶茶 Milktea A popular drink in Hong Kong 15750
青馬 Tsing-ma A landmark bridge connecting the airport and urban areas in Hong Kong 15127
火龍 Fo-lung Fire dragon dance is a traditional Mid-Autumn festival event in Hong Kong 14810
點心 Dim-sum A famous food in Hong Kong cuisine 14354
麻雀 Sparrow A common bird in Hong Kong 13662
水仙 Shui-sin A common Lunar New Year flower in Hong Kong 13463
小龍 Siu-lung "Siu-lung" is the stage name of the deceased martial art superstar Bruce Lee 13131
霓虹 Neon The colorful "neon" signboards were once a major feature of Hong Kong's night scene 12713
醒獅 Sing-si "Lion dance" is a traditional folk culture that integrates martial arts, dance, and music, symbolizing auspiciousness. It is an intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong 12524
白鷺 Egret Egret is a common waterbird in Hong Kong 12296
香片 Heung-pin Jasmine tea, a common tea in restaurants in Hong Kong 12279
海威 Hoi-wai The name of the deceased killer whale in Ocean Park Hong Kong 11717
貝貝 Pui-pui "Pui-Pui" is the name of the saltwater crocodile living in the Hong Kong Wetland Park 11595
相思 Sheung-si A nickname for a common bird in Hong Kong, Swinhoe's White-Eye. Also referred as Acacia confusa which is a type of evergreen tree, previously known as one of the "The Three Treasures for Afforestation" in Hong Kong 11431
紅豆 Red-bean Red beans are commonly used in various Hong Kong special food and beverages, such as red bean soup and red bean ice 11006
石板 Stoneslab "Stone Slabs Street" is the nickname of the distinctive "Pottinger Street", located in Central, Hong Kong 10940
白蘭 Bak-lan "White Jade Orchid Tree" is a common evergreen tree in Hong Kong 10616
舢舨 Sampan A traditional small boat for shuttling around the typhoon shelters of Hong Kong 10474
帆船 Junk-boat "Chinese junk boat" is an important early transportation, signifying the development of Hong Kong's fishing industry 10222
樹蛙 Treefrog "Romer's Tree Frog" is a species endemic to Hong Kong 10148
[1] The Typhoon Committee is an intergovernmental body under the auspices of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It currently comprises 14 Members: Cambodia; China; Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; Hong Kong, China; Japan; Lao People’s Democratic Republic; Macao, China; Malaysia; the Philippines; Republic of Korea; Singapore; Thailand; Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and the United States of America.


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